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Agazi School Alumni Association (North America) is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose objective is to help Agazi High School in Adigrat, Tigray, Ethiopia. As we address the main needs of Agazi, our support will expand to include other schools around Agazi.

Our main office is located in Denver, Colorado, USA. Currently, we have chapters with elected officers in Washington, DC and Denver, CO. Re-organized in 1996 in North America, the Association was originally established in Adigrat in the late 1960's and has been helping students until it was discontinued in the early 80's due to political conditions in Ethiopia.

Agazi School Alumni Association - N.A. 21st Anniversary Celebration and Fundraising

Boston, MA. July 2nd, 2016

We would like to thank our members, supporters and the Tigray Community of Boston for their hospitality, support, hard work and for coming together to celebrate our event with us. Special thanks to the ladies of Boston and our talented musicians for preparing the delicious food and making our event colorful, entertaining and memorable.


Agazi School Alumni Association North America (ASAA-NA), 20th Anniversary and Fundraising

The Agazi School Alumni Association-North America board members would like to express our profound gratitude to all of those who attended the 20th ASAA-NA Anniversary, Fundraising dinner and Picnic on July 4 and 5, 2015 in Denver. This year's annual event was a huge success! So Many alumni Members and supporters who attended the event came from everywhere, Canada, Washington, D.C., Dallas/ Houston, Minnesota, Seattle, the Bay Area and anywhere in between. So far, the feedback has been incredible! We keep receiving phone calls and e-mails from many of the attendees congratulating us and telling us about the good time they had at our events.

The general assembly took place on July 4 morning at the Hilton Garden Inn conference hall. Abbey Minasea, Denver local chapter chairman opened the meeting by welcoming guests. Then Yohannes Woldegabriel, ASAA-NA board chairman presented the board?s annual report and the short and long term project proposals. Then the floor was open for discussion on the following items: 1) Ways to strengthen the alumni association. 2) Ways to cooperate and work together with other Agazi alumni Chapters and other organizations with similar mission. 3) Short and long term projects. After extensive discussion on the agendas, the general assembly provided recommendations that are vital to further strengthen the alumni association and approved the board?s proposals unanimously.

The evening event at the Greek Orthodox Church was all about celebration, recognition and fundraising. While enjoying dinner, guests listened to the thank you and congratulatory video message from Agazi high school students and Agazi high school director. After dinner, the board chairman delivered a brief thank you message to members and supporters for their moral, material and financial support to the alumni association for the last 20 years. Members who served in the board and as auditors in the last 20 years were recognized for their service. The board chairman also presented a Plaque award to Dr. Michael Gebre for his unique role in reestablishing ASAA in North America, to Teum Mezgebo for managing the alumni website and to Mr. Tom Lofland for being loyal supporter. Tadesse Abraha (Wedikokob) and Layne Abay also received a cup award in recognition of their service in entertaining our guest for many years. Temer Gaim and Kaleb Kahsay delivered an appreciation message for the opportunities provided by their parents who never had similar opportunities for themselves when they were students at Agazi. To honor their parents, they pledged to help Agazi students get better access to modern educational materials.

The celebration continued on July 5 with the picnic at the Evergreen Lake Park on the beautiful Rocky Mountains range, 70 mile from Denver. Despite a heavy rain, this was the most enjoyable sight seeing and relaxing atmosphere. There was a lot of food, drink, BBQ, coffee and music. Some enjoyed the boat ride in the lake. Most importantly, the kids had a lot of fun; even the heavy rain did not stop them from playing. After the picnic, it was time for everyone to have the last get together for dinner and music at the Africana Café.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the hosting committee and the local chapter leaders for their valuable contribution to the success of the event. We greatly appreciate the fact that most of our members and supporters in Denver generously gave their time, energy and financial support to host a very successful 20th anniversary. We would also like to thank Mr. Tom Lofland who stopped by at our meeting with his thee children to deliver congratulatory message and 5000.00 dollars donation from MillerCoors company; to Desalegn Girmay for leading the meeting; to Abbey Minasea and Teklu Abraha for managing the stage and fundraising activities at the dinner party; to Cafe Africana for making space available for meetings to the board; and to the Tigray Community of Denver for joining us to celebrate our event. We would like to extend special thanks to those who donated money. For those who, for a reason or another, could not make it this year, we count on you to be with us next year in Boston. In the meantime, we are urging you to support the alumni association by making a monetary donation.

Please see the ASAA-NA 20th General Assembly Presentation dilevered on July 4 and 5, 2015 in Denver, Colorado.

Thank you,

Agazi School Alumni Association - N.A. 20th Anniversary Celebration

Agazi Alumni 20th Anniversary Celebration in Denver on July 4, 2015

Agazi over the years
Agazi celebration over the years

Agazi Secondary School Multi-sport Field

The multi-sport field construction is now completed and ready for use for the new academic year. The field constructed in Agazi Secondary School compound is believed to facilitate the sport activities of the school community.

The total cost of the construction (including the steel structures) is birr 790,590.55. Birr 450,000 was obtained from an Irish organization (lobbed by Addis Ababa chapter) called playing for life and the remaining balance (Birr 344,590.55) was covered by the City Council. This was an excellent first time Alumni-City Council partnership in a project. We want this type of participation to continue.

Please click Agazi Secondary School Multi-sport Field to see the photos.

To read the full interview of the ASAA Adigrat chairman published on Meskel magazine in 2007 E.C., please click ASAA Adigrat Chairman interview with the Meskel megazine.

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