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Daniel Hagos August 1961- January 2017

Message of Condolence from Agazi School Alumni Association North America

Memhir G.Michael G.Medhin

The Agazi Alumni Association family is deeply saddened by the recent news of the passing of a fellow alumnus, memhir G.Michael G.Medhin. Memhir G.Michael G.Medhin was a polite father figure, an educator, a mentor and a leader. He was well liked, loved and respected by his students, family and friends.

We are grateful for Memhir G.Michael G.Medhin’s contribution in the formation of Agazi School Alumni Association in North America. In the early 1990's, together with the school director and librarian, he dedicated his energy and time to find help for Agazi high school which had an empty library. He asked for books from anyone who visited the school. He made sure to send receipts and thank you letters for those who provided financial and material support. As detailed in our 20th anniversary publication in July 2015, his letter of January 11, 1995 was the motivator for starting the Association in North America. Even when he was not administrator of Agazi high school, he continued to encourage those who replaced him to communicate and work together with Agazi School Alumni Association in North America to improve quality of education at Agazi high school.

We send our heartfelt condolences to Memhir G.Michael family and pledge to honor his lifetime service to Agazi community by continuing our support to Agazi high school to improve the teaching and learning environment for the current and next generation Agazians to achieve their potential and realize their dreams.


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